SKRipTV & Entertainment Solutions Limited was incorporated on November 1st 2018. The founders of this establishment are the two directors, Mr. Samson Kevin Ramcharan (Managing Director/ Incorporator) and his partner Mrs. Renokha Liezel Jadulal (Director/ Secretary) of Trinidad & Tobago.

At inception, a year before the company was incorporated, the IPTV service had a mere 10 clients but with the push of Mr. Ramcharan’s siblings and his partner in business, the business grew and a decision was made to register the company. Since registered, the clientele has grown to over 400 clients in a single year. The company has both local and international clients as the service can be accessed by anyone who has a reliable internet connection and the required android device.

The content of the IPTV service is very broad and is not restricted to only English speaking countries. The company takes advantage of the technology available in today’s world and does not limit their service to one region only.

The company supplies, repairs and offers re-programming of android boxes. They are also always willing to procure tech gadgets and provide full entertainment solutions based on specific client needs (TV's, Projectors, Android boxes, Speakers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc.)

As you may have figured out, the term SKRipTV is wordplay on the combination of both the initials of Mr. Ramcharan (SKR) and the type of service offered (an IPTV service).

The goal of the company is to provide a cost effective, yet excellent entertainment service to all customers. The company strives to be the highest recommended and maintains close customer relations to promptly resolve any issue that may arise.

SKRipTV & Entertainment Solutions Limited believes in giving back when it is deserved. Promotions are constantly being done. Free giveaways and reduced pricing are always available. The only way to not miss out is to keep up to date on our website and facebook page. Subscribe now and start getting a lot more value for your money!!

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